10610 Steckert Bridge Road Roscommon, 48653
(989) 275-5273
Rates & Pricing
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No Jello Shots, Kegs or Glass bottles allowed on the River
*DNR will ticket any intoxicated floater*
All Trips to Smith Bridge must leave Paddle Brave no later than 11:00 AM.  Please plan on arriving one hour prior to your departure time to allow time to spot your car at Smith Bridge.  No shuttle service back to Paddle Brave  A $15.00 per boat/per hour late fee will be charged for any boats not off the river by 6:30 pm
Canoes/Double Kayaks 
$27.00:  Town to Paddle Brave (2 hrs.)
$24.00:  Paddle Brave to Chase Bridge (1 hr)
$32.00: Town to Chase Bridge (3 hrs)
$40.00:  Paddle Brave to Smith Bridge (5 hrs)
$42.00:  Chase Bridge to Smith Bridge (4 hrs)
Single Kayak Pricing 
$20.00:  Paddle Brave to Chase Bridge (1 hr)
$18.00:  Town to Paddle Brave (2 hr)
$25.00:  Town to Chase Bridge (3 hr)
$33.00:  Paddle Brave to Smith Bridge (5 hr)
$35.00:  Chase Bridge to Smith Bridge (4 hr)
$25.00 per boat/per day

Personal Boats

For those of you with your own boats

In order to park, launch, or take out from PaddleBrave's Private Dock you must either be a paid rental customer or use our shuttle serve.

 A $15.00 launch/landing fee will be charged for any personal boats using Paddle Brave's private dock. Wristbands will be provided.
Car Spot Shuttles are available.  Please call for pricing.
Tube Rental Available
$10.00 - 2 hour trip —or— $15.00 - 3 to 4 hour trip
No Personal Tubes or floating devices - No tying tubes together - No Floatillas
All tube trips end at campground. You must be off the river no later than 6:30 pm
Four hour trips leave before noon
Please be respectful of fellow floaters and riverfront owners.
Intoxicated floaters will be ticketed
Tube Pro - (1/2 kayak - 1/2 tube)
$13.00 - 2hr trip  or  $18.00 4 hr. trip
*Rates are subject to change*
Call to confirm prices.

All credit card transactions subject to a 4% processing fee.
Old Town Canoes
Available for Rent
Reservation Policy: There is a $10.00 per boat deposit required for reserving.
No reservation date is guaranteed until the deposit is received. Deposit must be in two weeks after reservations are made.
Cancellation Policy: You must cancel reservations two weeks prior to receive a total refund. Credit card refunds less 10%.
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