10610 Steckert Bridge Road Roscommon, 48653
(989) 275-5273
Rates & Pricing
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No Jello Shots, Kegs or Glass bottles allowed on the River
*DNR will ticket any intoxicated floater*
All Trips to Smith Bridge must leave PaddleBrave no later than 11:00 AM.  Please plan on arriving one hour prior to your departure time to allow time to spot your car at Smith Bridge.  We no longer will be offering shuttle service back to PaddleBrave due to COVID-19 restrictions.

A $15.00 per boat/per hour late fee will be charged for any boats not off the river by 6:30 pm
Canoes/Double Kayaks 
$27.00:  Town to PaddleBrave (2 hrs.)
$24.00:  PaddleBrave to Chase Bridge (1 hr)
$32.00: Town to Chase Bridge (3 hrs)
$40.00:  PaddleBrave to Smith Bridge (5 hrs)
$42.00:  Chase Bridge to Smith Bridge (4 hrs)
Single Kayak Pricing 
$20.00:  PaddleBrave to Chase Bridge (1 hr)
$18.00:  Town to PaddleBrave (2 hr)
$25.00:  Town to Chase Bridge (3 hr)
$33.00:  PaddleBrave to Smith Bridge (5 hr)
$35.00:  Chase Bridge to Smith Bridge (4 hr)
$25.00 per boat/per day

Personal Boats

For those of you with your own boats:

$15.00 per person launch fee w/auto shuttle for drivers only to Chase or Smith Bridge included
(minimum charge $35.00)
Additional destinations available on request.
Tube Rental Available
$10.00 - 2 hour trip —or— $15.00 - 3 to 4 hour trip
No Personal Tubes or floating devices - No tying tubes together - No Floatillas
All tube trips end at campground. You must be off the river no later than 6:30 pm
Four hour trips leave before noon
Please be respectful of fellow floaters and riverfront owners.
Intoxicated floaters will be ticketed
Tube Pro - (1/2 kayak - 1/2 tube)
$13.00 - 2hr trip  or  $18.00 4 hr. trip
*Rates are subject to change*
Call to confirm prices.

Old Town Canoes
Available for Rent
Reservation Policy: There is a $10.00 per boat deposit required for reserving.
No reservation date is guaranteed until the deposit is received. Deposit must be in two weeks after reservations are made.
Cancellation Policy: You must cancel reservations two weeks prior to receive a total refund. Credit card refunds less 10%.
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