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Paddle Brave Camp and Canoe Policies

We want to keep Paddle Brave and the Au Sable River a fun, beautiful, and safe place for everyone. Our policies are intended to educate our patrons so we all can have a more enjoyable experience. If you have any questions regarding the guidelines, please drop us a note or give us a call!


Guidelines for Canoeing, Kayaking, and Tubing


  1. Please be respectful of other riders during transport.

  2. No smoking allowed.

  3. Water gun use prohibited; Please empty prior to entering transportation.

  4. Please ask the driver or management for assistance with your trash.


  1. No diving from docks, river banks, canoes or bridges.

  2. Absolutely no glass bottles, styrofoam coolers, water balloons or Jello-O shots.

  3. Be aware of children at all times.

  4. Children 6 years old and younger must wear a life jacket at all times.

  5. Do not stand in a canoe. Always keep your center of gravity as low as possible and don't grab at low hanging branches
    or obstacles in the river to avoid capsizing your canoe.

  6. Use paddles for paddling your canoe, not as clubs for splashing, or noisemakers by pounding the bottom of your canoe.

  7. If you accidentally overturn a canoe, always stay on the upstream side of your craft to avoid being pinned into a log jam
    or other river debris.

  8. Conditions along the river can be slippery. Watch your step while embarking or disembarking from your watercraft.
    Always use the safest path to your watercraft or back to your vehicle of transportation.

  9. Do not ram canoes into each other.

  10. If you need to bring valuables, please use a watertight box or waterproof bag.
    Don't take car keys on the river.

  11. Wear water shoes while on the river to avoid contact with fish hooks and critters!


  1. Property owners deserve respect. Absolutely NO trespassing! Residents along the river may help in an emergency, but please don't annoy them with minor requests.

  2. You are responsible for your own actions at all times. Please refrain from rowdiness, excessive drinking, profanity and disturbing others. Use restrooms at appropriate places.

  3. Do not litter.  Trash should be kept in a garbage bag and secured in your watercraft. 
    Please pick up litter left by the careless ones. 

  4. Do not harass other people on the river. Keep your actions confined to your own group.

  5. Intentionally tipping a canoe is prohibited by law.

  6. Floating with canoes tied together is a hazard, and not good for the river.

  7. If you meet a fisherman along the way, let him know you are behind him, then give him a wide berth
    and pass without disturbance.

  8. Group leaders in charge are responsible for the conduct of their group and the return of their canoes and equipment to the livery or assigned landing.

  9. When possible, please give a helping hand to other canoers or tubes in distress. If the situation is beyond your capabilities please contact Paddle Brave immediately.

  10. No cutting or chopping on any trees and do not damage any vegetation along the river.


  1. Kegs, party balls, glass bottles, Jello-O shots, etc. are not permitted on the river. Furthermore, it is unlawful to operate a watercraft in Michigan while intoxicated.

  2. Most problems that occur on the river are alcohol related. We feel very strongly that if you're going to drink,
    please do it responsibly.

  3. Minors in possession of alcohol will be dealt with appropriately by the marine patrol.

  4. Limit your alcohol intake to a safe and responsible level.

Late Return & Equipment Policies:

  1. Additional charges will be assessed for late rental returns and missing rental equipment, such as paddles, cushions, and life jackets. 

  2. Damaged Canoes, Kayaks and Tubes are subject to a repair fee. Lost or rescued watercraft is subject to a minimum fine of $50.

  3. Safety, conduct and alcohol policies will be enforced by management, as well as the Crawford County Sheriff Department. 

Campground Guidelines & Policies

  1. REGISTRATION: All campers and visitors must register before entering the campground. There is a charge of $7 per person for overnight visitors. VISITORS: Must register and pay appropriate fees. All visitors must leave the campground by 11:00 p.m.

  2. CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT TIME: Check-in time is 3:00 p.m. and check-out time is 11:00 a.m. Please consult with management if you need to arrive early or check out late.

  3. SPEED LIMIT: The maximum speed limit is 5 miles per hour. We are a small, family friendly campground; Please watch for children at play.

  4. PETS: Dogs and other pets are permitted in campground ONLY when kept on a leash and kept under the immediate supervision of a responsible person. Unfortunately we cannot allow ROTTWEILERS or PIT BULL BREEDS due to our insurance policies. Please CLEAN UP after your pet, there are bags in the office if needed.

  5. QUIET HOURS: Are between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Campers who refuse to cooperate will be asked
    to leave the campground - NO refunds will be given.

  6. RADIOS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, ETC.: No loud music will be tolerated at any time. Radios are to be
    turned off at 10:30 p.m.

  7. CAMPFIRES: Are allowed in firepits only, and must be attended at all times. Charcoal burners or grills are not allowed
    on picnic tables. Please ask for assistance if you need to move a firepit.

  8. FIREWOOD: Is available for reasonable price and is delivered to your site - due to past incidents, ABSOLUTELY NO outside firewood may be brought into the campground. No saws, chainsaws, axes or hatchets allowed.

  9. PRESERVATION OF PROPERTY, NATURAL RESOURCES AND WILDLIFE: No person shall cut, chop, trim, remove or destroy any live, dead or downed trees or shrubs, (flowers and plants are included). No person shall injure, deface, disturb or in any manner destroy any part of any campground building, sign, structure, equipment or other property found herein. No person shall kill, trap, hunt or in any manner disturb any wild bird or animal while within the boundaries of the campground. VIOLATERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

  10. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: May be consumed, in moderation, on your respective campsite. Open alcoholic beverages may not be possessed or transported on any campground road or parking areas. UNDERAGE drinking will not be tolerated on the grounds or in rentals.


  12. FIREARMS AND OTHER WEAPONS: No person shall have in his possession or control a rifle, shotgun, pistol or other firearm, bow and arrow, slingshot, pellet gun, balloon launchers or air rifles within the boundaries of the campground.

  13. OFF-ROAD VEHICLES: Dirt bikes, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers or trail bikes are allowed in the campground. PLEASE OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT.

  14. MOTORCYCLES AND MOPEDS: Are to be driven to and from campsite only - SLOWLY AND QUIETLY.

  15. R.V.'s: Are not allowed to discharge wastewater on the ground. Please use dump station.

  16. WASHING OF VEHICLES: Is not permitted in the campground. This includes cars, trucks and recreational vehicles, etc.

  17. NO WASHING DISHES, POTS & PANS, OR FILLING CONTAINERS IN THE RESTROOMS. There is a sink with hot and cold water on the porch by restrooms. There is a spigot available at the fill and dump station also

  18. MINOR CHILDREN: All children under the age of eighteen (18) MUST be at their campsite by 10:30 p.m. unless accompanied by an adult. ALL CHILDREN must be accompanied in restrooms.

  19. SWIMMING, BATHING AND WADING: Are done at your own risk. There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty! Absolutely no diving or swimming after dark.

  20. DISPOSAL OF REFUSE: Please put all garbage, refuse and trash in the receptacles provided throughout the campground. There is a dumpster located in the parking lot.

  21. ROWDINESS, PROFANITY, ETC.: Rowdiness, profanity, excessive drinking or drugs will not be tolerated while on the campground property or on the river. You must be 21 years old to consume alcohol (Michigan Law).

  22. TENT TRENCHING: Is not allowed.

  23. HORSESHOE PLAYING: In designated areas only.

  24. RESPECT: Your fellow campers.

  25. FACILITIES: Are provided for your use and enjoyment. If you observe anyone destroying our facilities or property,
    please notify campground management IMMEDIATELY.

  26. The management reserves the right to evict anyone from the premises for detrimental conduct and/or
    violating the above rules.

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